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Travel Club Terms & Conditions

General Information

Mineola Community Bank’s Travel Club is a bank club tailor-made for our customers who enjoy escorted travel and special events hosted by their bank. Members will enjoy great deals on domestic and international destinations for one-day or multiple-day tours.

Membership Requirements

Membership in the Travel Club is free and open to Mineola Community Bank customers that are deposit account owners and are a minimum of 21 years of age. Members must specify which personal deposit account they wish to use as their qualifying account. Customers that meet these eligibility requirements may join the Travel Club by completing a one-page registration form.

Travel Club Perks

Mineola Community Bank Travel Club members will enjoy the following features with their membership:

  • Free personalized non-duplicate bank stock checks
  • 50% discount on a safe deposit box (with availability)
  • Free money orders
  • Free cashier's checks
  • Free debit card replacement
  • Fee waived on gift card purchases

Membership Cancellation

Travel Club membership may be cancelled at any time by the customer. In addition, members may be dropped from the program and forfeit all perks related to the Travel Club without notice for any one (1) of the following reasons:

  • The member no longer has an open deposit account with Mineola Community Bank
  • Non-participation in the Travel Club for greater than a 24-month rolling period
  • Behavior on any bank escorted travel tour that is deemed inappropriate
  • The member’s deposit account with Mineola Community Bank is not kept in good standings
  • At any time Mineola Community Bank decides to dissolve the Travel Club

Our Role in the Travel Club

Mineola Community Bank acts solely as the facilitator for the travel events. Any Travel Club member wishing to book a trip to one of our travel destinations will be required to coordinate their travel with Dream Vacations. All reservations and payments, along with any changes in travel plans, cancellations, or trip modifications will be the responsibility of the Travel Club member and will be handled directly with Dream Vacations.

Privacy Policy

Mineola Community Bank is committed to keeping personal customer information confidential and secure. Membership information for the Travel Club will not be shared with our travel affiliates or used for marketing purposes. For more details pertaining to Mineola Community Bank’s Privacy Policy, please click here.

Travel Waiver

Mineola Community Bank assumes no liability in connection with any form of transportation, restaurants, or lodging accommodations used for the tour, therefore, cannot be responsible in whole or part for any lost, stolen, or damaged articles including luggage and personal property or for any sickness, loss, or injury to person.

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